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"I approached William Harte for help with improving my vocal range - to develop skill and confidence in reading aloud to others. The coaching experience is fun and effective, with practical exercises and technical tips. Paul Giles, my coach, was both personable and professional. I even made noticeable progress in our first session, which was more than I hoped for."

Heather, London UK (Volunteer Reader in training)

"Thank you William Harte and Rob Delaney for your great elocution lessons! Improving the speech is obviously a long way to go, but even a couple of sessions with Rob gave me a better awareness about the way I speak and some tools to improve. Rob is also great at picking up the accent issues that I was not aware of as a non-native English speaker. Will definitely recommend this service to everyone looking to be a better speaker in any context."

Vadym, London UK (Investment banking associate)

"I had the opportunity to use William Harte’s services, and more specifically Rob Delaney’s, who coached me for a few sessions, helping me to improve my verbal skills in terms of pronunciation and elocution. As a non-native English speaker, English not even being my second language, I definitely improved and gained confidence in a supportive and convivial atmosphere."

Francois, London UK (Senior Executive)


"I have always wanted elocution lessons but never really knew where to look. I seen a poster for William Harte and thought I should try it out. It was easy to arrange a lesson and the tutor Rollo was very patient and helpful. I've really noticed a change and a definite decrease in the number of times I am asked to repeat myself. I am now often complemented on my spoken English. Many thanks."

Li Wong, London UK

"Thank you so much! I am so much more confident speaking when speaking in meetings and when dealing with clients. I'd recommend William Harte to anyone thinking of elocution lessons."

Magda, Warsaw Poland


"Simple exercises well presented. Fun, practical and engaging - Felix's personable approach definitely helped me improve my voice quality while doing public speaking. I am impressed by how much my voice can be enhanced in a 1 hour session.  If you aim to become an outstanding public speaker, Felix's training is something you shouldn't miss."

Jerry, TAIWAN attended a workshop held at London Business School

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